Architecture & Design

We employ a highly creative process, informed by our experience in an ever-expanding number of parallel disciplines and sectors. We help our clients to produce designs that represent the best long-term value for their users. We use the latest data-driven tools to shape buildings whose design is human through and though. And we never forget that our work will be used by millions daily, and must always meet the highest standards of sustainability, safety and energy performance.

Urban Design + Planning

We combine our in-depth understanding of communities, placemaking and urban development with market understanding and design creativity. From knowledge and experience, we are able to integrate highly technical requirements with clear and compelling visions, development and masterplan solutions. Our growing portfolio of work and experience means we bring best practice and perspective to projects, whilst recognising that the best solutions come from applying our knowledge to local conditions and requirements.

Interior Design

We are inspired by interiors that evoke emotion, that are truly authentic and inspired by the culture and history in which they derive from. Across the hospitality and residential sectors, our interior design teams create inspiring environments, unique brands and deeply satisfying experiences. Our approach fuses outstanding creativity and commercial reasoning with imagination, simplicity and quality. We focus our attention to detail on every project, carefully tailoring the design to its location and cultural setting to give our client smart, successful and confident solutions.

Project Management

We oversees activities ranging from planning, coordination, scheduling and cost control, to design, construction and commissioning. Large projects require the management, coordination and integration of multiple, concurrent assignments. From concept through completion, we provide necessary technical and administrative services to help our clients meet their program objectives. We act as an extension of our clients’ staff, protecting their interests as our own.

Branding, Graphic Design and Wayfinding

Integrating brand with the overall design process. Great architectural design and place-making are intrinsically linked to brand. That’s because successful buildings and spaces are an expression of their owners, occupiers and of the community they serve.

Landscaping & Environmental Design

We create places that are designed around people, always with a consideration to provide more space and comfort for pedestrians and cyclists – a move away from a bias towards vehicle focused design that simply does not meet the complex needs of a modern city. We talk to locals, always looking to tap into the genius loci of a place and to understand its unique attributes. We find the design process works best when we engage locally and have an ongoing dialogue with residents and stakeholders. This process plays a critical role in project support and ownership, ultimately instilling local pride in a city.